How it works in four easy steps:

1    Go to Production→log-in and open an account. (If you have an account from a previous visit, you don´t have to make one again).

2    Find your locations in our location library. Search for: Houses (Huse) - Apartments (Lejligheder) - Urban Spaces

3    Send us all information regarding your production and the location ID numbers you want us to clear. Send us a mail or use this link. We now clear your request with the location owners, and we get back to you with contact information to the locations that accepts. You can now contact the location owners directly and arrange further details.


What does it cost:

Availability check of up to 3 locations:               FREE

Location fee for each chosen location:                4.000 DKR

Additional location scouting/assistance pr. day:    4.500 DKR (car not incl.)

All prices are without VAT


Please note: makes the initial contact to the location owners. We introduce them to your project based on the information you have given us. We present the number of shooting days and period, we make sure that your budget corresponds with the location owners demand, and hereafter you receive the contact information and take over the contact to the location yourself. Final responsibility for a closed deal and for the shoot, is out of our hands and up to yourself.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.